17 Dhul-Hijjah 1441

Sheikh im a married woman and whenever i want to go to my parents house i have to take permission from my in laws. Is this right? My husband does not have any problem in allowing to go to my parents house. He says just ask my parents if they say yes then u can go. My husband is MaShaAllah Alhamdulilah very nice. Sometimes they say no.

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In Dealings and Attitudes with In-Laws
Aug 7th, 2019


Your in laws have no right in stopping you from going to your parents house or stopping you from anything. You don’t have any duties towards them, none whatsoever. 

You’re only obliged to obey your husband. If he has no problem,  you can go even if your in laws don’t approve of it. You are not their servant nor their property. 

My motherinlaw is bing vry aggressive and vile towards me, I’m not allowd to sit with the family eat with the family n also cook for my husband or myself. She says I can’t eat the food she makes when she sleeps I go to kitchen to eat.She keeps calin me very hurtful names and brings my father and family into it,I only leave my room for work,husband says he won’t move out! What cn I do

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