4 Safar 1442

I am married and have 2 kidz.the problem i face is my husband is dark and because of it i can’t love him from the depth of my heart eventhough i dont show it out and remain as a good wife.most of the time i feel sad.please guide me

By Admin
In Kind Treatment of Spouses
Aug 7th, 2019


Color and beauty is just skin deep and what really matters is if he’s a practicing Muslim who provides for you and the kids. 

You must be grateful to Allah that you’re married, there are plenty of women out there crying to get married and would give anything to be in your shoes and you’re here being ungrateful to Allah and sad about what He decreed upon you. Imagine how you would feel if Allah tested you with a disease that changes the color of your skin and he resented it and couldn’t stay with you like this!

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