17 Dhul-Hijjah 1441

Sheikh i live with in-laws i have 4 brother in-laws i wanna do parda but if i or my husband will talk about this my in-laws will surely said yu studied in university dat time where was your so called parda they will say it’s drama to live separately from them taking away their son kindly briefly ans me in my past life i just covered my head in front of namahram now i wanna live as musl

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In Dealings and Attitudes with In-Laws
Aug 3rd, 2019


It doesn’t matter how you were in the past, what counts is your present and future. You must repent from your past sins sincerely with deep remorse and start observing the actual Islamic hijab in front of all non mahram males no matter what anyone says. You must not listen to your husband at all in this and you have no obligation in islam in listening to your in laws. 

There’s no obedience to the created at the cost of disobedience to the Creator.

My motherinlaw is bing vry aggressive and vile towards me, I’m not allowd to sit with the family eat with the family n also cook for my husband or myself. She says I can’t eat the food she makes when she sleeps I go to kitchen to eat.She keeps calin me very hurtful names and brings my father and family into it,I only leave my room for work,husband says he won’t move out! What cn I do

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