14 Shawwal 1441

We r searching rishta for our brother,my brother age is 22 but he is induged in some bad habbits like alcohol smoking should we tell all these thing where we r doing his rishta or not ? My mother says to me i am alnoe come with me for visiting people but i do not feel this fair and justice wth the family we will do rishta (marraige),but if we will tell them no one will marry him.what to do In ths?

By Admin
In Fiqh of Marriage
Jul 27th, 2019


You must not be a part of this process at all and remind your mother in a respectful manner to fear Allah! Ask her how she would feel to have been married with someone who smokes and drinks alcohol that she had no clue of before marriage! Would she want her daughter to marry such man? 

Also, your brother needs to be reminded to fear Allah and to stop these sinful habits.

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