14 Shawwal 1441

Sir our prophet SA asked to see the bride before marriege,so that he can feel attraction to the dride.Is this applicable for both man and women?I refused few person who earns halal nd pray but i was totally not attracted to their look.My mom say,why u will feel attraction before marriege?after marriege you will feel attraction.But is it right to say yes against my heart?it feels huge stress to me

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In Fiqh of Marriage
Jul 24th, 2019


You are allowed to see your potential spouse before marriage at the initial marriage interview conducted by your father. 

If you were not attracted to him, there is no problem in refusing as you are the one who has to live with his looks for the rest of your life however, you must not be too picky as the supply is more than the demand and so many women end up NOT getting married due to being too picky. You don’t need to feel attracted to him but rather you shouldn’t feel repelled or annoyed by him. 

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