6 Sha'ban 1441

A muslim is arguing why cannot we talk about companions of prophet.for example to say.:this sahaba was better than this,or he was more deserving for being a leader as compared to other Sahaba because he told him he was more deserving etc So how can i explain from quran and sunnah he should not compare sahaba and talk like this?he is asking evidence from quran and sunnah?

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In The Companions of the Prophet
Jul 17th, 2019


Only peers or superior people can speak about others. Those who are way below them can’t evaluate or criticize those superior to them, let alone insult them like this.

The Prophet salla allahu alaihi wa Sallam said: do not harm me by abusing my companions. For if one of you were to give the weight of mount uhud in gold, this would not come close to one of them giving charity in the palms of his hands nor in one palm of his hand!

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