16 Dhul-Qa'dah 1441

I’hv been married for 13mnths,Alhamdulilla(Im 27yrs old,a teacher.my husband 33yrs,srvice holder).bt without my husband’s family concern.n nw when he informed his 3younger sisters(all r married) they told them not to say this to their father he will get heart attack(as he is nt agree to his son’s decision).his sisters gve him choice-either leave me or his family.nw what to do?

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In Fiqh of Marriage
Jul 2nd, 2019


If your father (wali) had given his consent to this marriage, this is a valid marriage and his parents approval does not impact your marriage. 

However, it’s best for him to talk to his father about this and let him know about the marriage as he will be devastated when he comes to know about it from someone else or when he comes to him with a grandchild! Concealing it more than this is wrong. What his sisters are saying is nonsense and no one has the right to give such a choice.

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