15 Rajab 1442

My brother n his wife have been fighting with my parents for 10 plus years. She is ver manipulative and has completely turned my brother against us like we are his enemy and she causes arguments against us. He treats his parents badly abuse them and his uncles. Alhamdulilah I started practici age 19 and wear niqab they put me down calling me fake.

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In Dealings and Attitudes with Relatives
Jun 8th, 2019


When they abuse you like this, they want to depress you or to get a negative response from you.

If you simply smile in their faces and whenever they abuse you, you say to them kind words, you would be like pouring water on a red hot piece of iron!

Never defend yourself when they accuse you and never engage with them in any kind of argument. Simply smile in their faces and say to them you are so nice and kind couple. 

This would kill them softly as they are unable to get you angry. This way, you have the upper hand and they will be the ones who are wrong and disrespectful. You will be in command and would manipulate them as you wish by having the upper hand.  

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