20 Dhul-Hijjah 1441

In ………, it is common that a mob of armed ……… extremists would raid a masjid or muslim’s house and start disrespecting Qura’an (throwing, ripping or burning it). How can a Muslim save Qura’an in such situations? It is very painful to bear such sights in the midst of helplessness. Some Muslims have laid their lives trying to save Qura’an

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Mar 3rd, 2019


Allah says: “Fear Allah to the best of your ability.”

If they attack masjids and try to insult it and the Quran and the Muslims are greater in number and can defend the masjids, they should do so. If they are overpowered and are less in number and arms, they should refrain from defending it but must try their level best to document it and raise public awareness about it globally so that legal actions can be taken In order to protect Muslims! 

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