16 Dhul-Hijjah 1441

A convert living with her non muslim Hindu family.. when she prays her sister mocks her. Most of the time she prays in secret.She is a teenager. and she’s losing hope day by day.It is very hard to fulfill her obligations.And there’s no one to help her in this matter. what is the solution for regarding this issue?

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Feb 23rd, 2019


Approach the Islamic center or masjid and ask them to help you get married so you can get out of that environment.

Until then, continue to be steadfast in prayers and try to soften their hearts towards Islam. The more she mocks you, the more this should make you stronger. Don’t pay her any attention and never reply to her criticism and just give her a big smile. After a while, she will feel ashamed of herself. 

Stay at your parent’s house unless they become physically abusive or prevent you from practicing Islam. If this happens and you have a safe place to run away to where you will be safe and can live there, you should do that. 

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