8 Shawwal 1441

The past days many brothers on social media are celebrating about the boxer khabib.Even many famous imams. I do not know khabib’s story other than people talk of racism or islamophobia, i tried to look and saw men and womens `awrah. Now i see imam planning to do khutbah on the benefits. Any advice or explanation of this boxer to your followers please, i don’t understand. Thank you

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Oct 9th, 2018


Not every Imam is a person of knowledge or a person that one can learn from! There are a lot of ignorant people assuming the positions of Imams! There are a lot of such Imams especially in Europe and USA who follow their desires and what the masses want. 

Boxing and MMA are prohibited as it involves hitting the face. Celebrating this man’s victory just because he is a Muslim is like celebrating having a Muslim female sprinter winning the Olympics! There is nothing to be proud of! 

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