14 Dhul-Hijjah 1441

i am from ……… want to know that if a widow woman age about 45+ wants to do nikah n man above 50 also wants to marry with her but they know if they will announced to this marriege theeir family will not eccept this n woul’nt to do tihs can they do this nikah without informed their families n is it valid?? Specially woman’s sons n gardions i mean wali….othetwise what is oth

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In Invalid Marriages
Apr 11th, 2018


There’s no marriage without the consent of the woman’s wali, even if she’s a widow of whatever age, otherwise this would be considered as zina.

You must stop all communications with this man immediately as he’s not your mahram and what you both are doing is haram.

He must propose to your son asking for your hand and a proper nikah with your wali’s approval and in front of two male witnesses must be performed for it to be valid. Secret marriages are not valid! 

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