17 Dhul-Hijjah 1441

My motherinlaw is bing vry aggressive and vile towards me, I’m not allowd to sit with the family eat with the family n also cook for my husband or myself. She says I can’t eat the food she makes when she sleeps I go to kitchen to eat.She keeps calin me very hurtful names and brings my father and family into it,I only leave my room for work,husband says he won’t move out! What cn I do

By Admin
In Dealings and Attitudes with In-Laws
Jan 15th, 2018


Your mother in law is the mother of your husband and if he had to choose between her and you, he will choose her! Therefore, you have to be wise and patient. Most abuses thrive on the reaction they get from those they abuse! This is the fuel that keeps them going. Your frustration, depression and sadness make them continue and go on. Therefore, if you want to live a stressless happy life, you must be consistent and patient. You must never defend yourself when she accuses you or says bad things to you. You must never argue or try to clarify something to her. Simply give her a big smile and ignore whatever she says and let it not penetrate your heart. The more you ignore her like this, the more it kills her and infuriates her because you are not reacting as she wants you to react! After few days or weeks, she will despise herself as she would feel like she is making a fool of herself in front of you and in front of others who would admire you from behaving so politely and not allowing her to get under your skin.


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