10 Shawwal 1441

Alhamdulilah i believe in Tawheed and i want to ask How to maintain fluctuations in eeman? Sometimes i feel very high with eman. But after some three or four months the faith level decreases kindly suggest me how to overcome these fluctuations?? May Allah draw your kind attention to this question, so that you reply me.

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Sep 23rd, 2017

The same thing happened to the companions and they were told to maintain the balance between worshipping Allah and attending what concerns their worldly lives as well.

You must monitor your Iman and give it a push by reciting the Quran, offering night prayers and doing voluntary forms of worship as a normal daily routine while staying away from sins that harden the heart and tarnish it.

You should also surround yourself with righteous practicing Muslims 24/7

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