8 Shawwal 1441

As i said before,the prayer has become so burdensome upon me that i have started missing prayers where once i couldn’t even dream of such a thing.I take a lot of time to start making wudu and a lot of time to start praying.Can i combine prayers so that i don’t waste so much of my time?It’s so bad, i actually feel so sad and burdened when i think that i have to pray now. And the consequences…

By Admin
In Psychological Problems
May 16th, 2017

It is you who have opened the door for Satan to play with you like this. If you don’t stop him, he will destroy your life as he has already began doing that successful by letting you skip prayers which is the first mile in the road of kufr!

Stop what you are doing NOW! Satan is not advising you to repeat your wudhu
and prayer because he wants good for you. He is doing this to manipulate you and destroy your life.

Have someone watch you when you make wudhu to stop you whenever you want to repeat it. Likewise in prayer, never repeat it even if you intentionally
make a mistake!

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