26 Dhul-Qa'dah 1441

Ya sheikh, would you kindly advise me? I have non-muslim neighbours who opens loud music/base that sometimes enter my rooms while I’m praying, days and nights. I believe it’s shaytan’s work because many times the music/base get louder once prayer times start. Been with this for 3 yrs. It causes me anxiety when I have to pray. I try many advices of advisors, including Adhkaar but still feel anxious

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Apr 21st, 2017

You should start by asking your neighbors to keep the music down
because it disturbs you. If they refuse and are disrespectful, you
should call the police! If nothing is done, you may consider moving,
you need to be in a tranquil environment.  You must try your level
best to fight these waswas, read Qur’an and recite your daily adhkar
for protection.

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