16 Rajab 1442

I have a big problem,i am 36, alone, nobody, bird in cage, never got married, i live alone and have NOTHING in my house in Holland, only a benefit of 250e a month and that’s not even enough to buy something extra only food i study last three months Islam and praying and during also problems, thing destroys my jobask, stays this all my life with SEVERE torture what i am during?

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In Psychological and Social Problems
Mar 19th, 2017

Think positive of Allah! As long as you pray on time, recite Quran and observe your Athkar in the morning, evening, after obligatory prayers, before going to bed and when leaving your home, you will be protected and nothing can harm you.

Trust Allah and have full dependence on Him and make a lot of Duaa and He will find you a way out.

It is highly recommended that you surround yourself with practicing Muslims 24/7 as this will boost your Iman.

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