16 Sha'ban 1441

Im going through a problem which i feel even sorrow to discuss about it or to ask anyone.I’m trying to seek islamic knowledge and shaytan get me by saying things about Allah and islam and even the Prophet SAW.i try to ward it off & at times i do but afterwards i feel like i have no iman and i feel like a munafiq sharing hadith and stuff about islam with other and I’m myself is being made doubtful.

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In Waswaas - Whispers of Shaytaan
Feb 19th, 2017

These are wiswas from the shaytan that you must fight and ignore. His main goal is to stop you from sharing good things with others then he will make you leave islam all together.

As long as you don’t utter those words or believe them, there is nothing on you, in shaa Allah.

Make ruqya on yourself regularly: http://www.assimalhakeem.net/i-am-hoping-you-can-tell-me-the-basis-for-ruqya-hadith-and-can-it-be-read-over-regular-wateroil/

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