16 Shawwal 1441

I am having OCD for several years now and it has attacked my spirituality and my heart. I am recovering from this OCD by medicine but day by day my spirituality is going harsh and my heart has become hardened. I even feel pain in my heart. I talked to many Maulanas but no advise hit me. What should I do Sheikh?

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In Psychological Problems
Dec 27th, 2015

The knowledge destroys these doubts that are inflicted by Sheitan. Study hard your deen and be a practicing muslim, be a strong muslim. Ummah needs men like, Khalid Ibn Waleed, Omar ibn AL khatab, Abu Bakr etc. Learn about their way of approaching this life. Don’t be weak! Study the seerah of our Prophet salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam.

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