4 Safar 1442

The other day i was discussing about Islam with one of a non-believing friend of mine (a hindu to be precise), he inquired so i warned him about the judgement day and the hell and the hereafter. And all of a sudden he asked me that why i am born into a hindu family while you are born into a muslim family, and if Allah wanted me to follow Islam he would have given me birth into a muslim family. why only you (he meant me) are born into a muslim family why not me ? i didnt have any proper answer for his questions so i told him to wait for a while so that i can get the answers. if you give the answers of these questions that’ll be really helpful.

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In Inviting others to Islam
Oct 2nd, 2015

All the people are born with the inner nature of worshiping One Lord, it is their parents that take them to other religions. This is a test for him, and if he will accept the truth he will be rewarded, and if he will not, he will suffer the consequences. Likewise, not all born Muslims are practicing or even believers! Some of them fail the test and die as disbelievers or sinners.

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