8 Safar 1442

I have read that shia is mentioned in the quran in surah saffat… But shias are saying the word ” sunni” or ” ahle sunnah””… is nowhere mentioned in the quran or hadith…. Plz help me out as i am having a tough time to debate with the shia community

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Sep 16th, 2015

enerally speaking its not good to debate with them because they are liars! Besides, people used the term Sunni to refer to the mainstream Muslims! This only came up when this deviant cult appeared! The whole of Quran talks about Sunnis when it talks about Muslims and Islam!
This deviant sect lies and doesn’t say the truth because in the Quran, Allah mentioned Shia in 6:65 in a negative way. Also in 6:159 and in 30:32 and Allah is condemning them in all these ayah!

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