20 Dhul-Hijjah 1441

Need help with your suggestions &advice in light of Shariah. I am a daughter of divorced parents. I got satisfied with proposal from a man of deen and husnul khulq.But my dad ( doesn’t care about me, only gives insufficient money,doesn’t want good in my life) didn’t accept due to the fact that the man had two kids and he divorced his first wife. We sent people to talk to him yet disagreed to his idn.

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Aug 28th, 2015

In marriage, you must get two approvals for it to move on; the approval and consent of the guardian and the approval of the bride to be!

If the father doesn’t give his approval, this marriage can’t take place except in one condition and that is when the father is oppressive and is not qualified to choose the best for his daughter! This is recognized when he rejected a number of good proposals or insisted on accepting bad proposals from sinful Muslims who pay no weight to Islam!

In this case, she can complain to the Muslim judge who would look into her case and decide whether to move her guardianship from her father to a brother or a grandfather or to become her guardian himself!

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