8 Shawwal 1441

We are nothing!

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Nov 18th, 2014


Listen carefully and imagine your position on this earth.

Many of us feel arrogant, strong, fit, vicious, rich, powerful, influential, deviant, devious and satanic!

We feel like we have so much in us; we are so strong, we can do things, we can change the whole world! You are nothing, with all due respect; we are ‘Nothing.’ Imagine yourself taking a picture of yourself with a digital camera this is ok. Now if you go a little bit higher, in a helicopter, you will find yourself in the middle of Birmingham {if you live in London} if you go a little bit higher in a hot air balloon, you will see the whole UK. What is your position up there? You will feel very small and very negligible! If you go further up, you will see Europe and if you go further up, you will see the earth. If you go up a little more {you will suffocate and die but hypothetically assuming} you will see the solar system. If you go further up, you will see the Milky Way, if you travel a bit more up, you will see millions of different Galaxies! Imagine, “Where am I among all of this?” ‘I am nowhere!’ SubhanAllah, so Allah is telling us, ‘Wake up.’ This is a wake-up call.

To Allah azza wa jal prostrates whatever is in the Heavens and the earth. Even the sun, the moon, the stars, the mountains, the trees and everything that walks the earth, every living creature, beasts etc, everything prostrates to Allah. Then Allah says, “And many of mankind prostrates to Him {May Allah make us among those who prostrate to Him alone} Allah is saying that, we, the believers, the Muslims, we join with the rest of Allah’s creation when we prostrate to Allah. Even the snakes prostrate to Allah, the birds, the fish in the rivers and oceans prostrate to Allah azza wa jal.

When we pray, we are in unity with this universe worshiping the only Allah, the Almighty, azza wa jal. However, Allah says in the Qur’an, “But there are many men, on whom the punishment is justified!” meaning that they do not prostrate to Allah. Allah further says, “Whomsoever Allah disgraces none can honor him!” This means that if you are not with Allah, Allah disgraces you and no one can honor you then!

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