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Sep 27th, 2014

Many Muslims consider Eid Al Adha (Eid of Hajj) a financial catastrophe because of the number of sacrifices they have to offer. Here are some clarifications:
1- It is only obligatory upon those who are financially capable. Those who can’t afford it, don’t have to.
2- Some have the misconception that we must sacrifice for each member of the family. This is wrong. The Sunnah is to slaughter one ram or goat on behalf of an individual that includes his wife and offspring and relatives who live under his roof and eat from his kitchen. One sheep is sufficient for all of these people.
3- Seven such individuals and their families can share a cow or a camel as their sacrifice. This was done by the companions of the Prophet salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam.
4- You should pick the best you can to offer to Allah and it is recommended for you to do the slaughtering or at least to witness it and eat from it.
5- The Sunnah for that individual when the month of Thul Hijjah begins that he doesn’t clip his nails or cut any of the hair on his body until he slaughters. As for the rest of his family, they are not included in this restriction and they can do that.
I hope that this message may ease the burden that some of us have every year. May Allah accept our sacrifices and make it pure for his sake.

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