23 Rajab 1442

I Understand That You’ve Said That Wiping The Face After Dua Is A Bidah, As It Was Classed A Daeef Hadith By Sheik Al-Bani. However, I Have People Telling Me That What Other Scholars Say It Is Authentic,How Do We Know Which Is The Right Interpretation In Such Matters Of Fiqh, And It Is A Bidah, Right?

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Mar 20th, 2014

You have to evaluate the other scholars who say that it is authentic.

It is obvious that they have no authentic hadeeth and that they don’t have knowledge in the science of Hadeeth.

This is not the opinion of Al Albani alone. it is also the opinion of the vast majority of the scholars who follow the Quran and Sunnah such as Ibn Bazz and Ibn Othaimeen.

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