9 Safar 1442

Sheikh, need to ask you if a muslim goes through depression, how should he deal with this feeling. Many times been told that if you are a muslim you should not be depressed.

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Mar 11th, 2014

A real practicing Muslim doesn’t get depression which is an illness. He may feel depressed sometimes but this goes away quickly and doesn’t last.

Those who get long term depressions don’t usually have full trust in Allah. That is why they are depressed with whatever calamities that happen to them.

If you have this illness, you can take medication for it but try your best to consult a Muslim psychiatrist as they would prescribe to you proper medication that would nt make you addicted to it.

Try to boost your Iman by trusting Allah and knowing that nothing in this universe would happen without Allah’s decree and ruling.

And Allah knows best

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