8 Ramadan 1442

I was a girl who was away from Allah, i dated boys but since i got older and mature, i realized it is not allowed and started to pull myself more towards islam, but still i feel depressed when i remember my past sins.

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Mar 11th, 2014

Repentance is something you seek from Allah. If Allah forgives your sins, this doesn’t mean that all what you had done would disappear.

Unfortunately, there are things that would continue to haunt you and remind you of the past.

This is good and bad. It is bad because people would still see it but this should not bother you because you had repented and all what you care about is Allah and not the people.

It is good because it reminds you of your shortcomings and how sinful and negligent your were. This calls you to do more good deeds and ask Allah for more guidance and forgiveness.

Therefore, don’t allow Satan to depress you.

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