8 Ramadan 1442

I have been feeling really depressed, and scared for the last couple of days. And I need guidance on how to overcome this feeling. dont want to leave my house and getting suicidal thoughts. Why am i feeling like this?

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In Psychological and Social Problems
Mar 11th, 2014

This is from Satan who is trying to depress you so that he can divert you from the straight path and then have you join his path to relieve your depression.

Most of the similar cases either appear when a person is trying to get closer to Allah or when a practicing person falls into sin. In both cases, Satan utilizes it to his advantage by trying to make the individual depressed or suicidal.

If the individual seeks Allah’s help and guidance and he has full trust and dependence of Him, Allah will save him and relieve his pains and depression. But if he turns to Satan and falls into more sin to forget, Allah will leave him.

Therefore, hang on and Allah will be with you all the way.

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