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A few months ago my husband put some money in my personal bank account which he obtained from his business as a safe keep. His hot-temper has led me to ask “khula” from him and the proceedings for khula are still going on in courts. And in the court case he has alleged me of “taking away” his money. On the other hand my husband says that as to fulfill his duty towards providing me necessities of life he has asked me to use his money which is kept in my bank account as per my wish. But he ll provide me further only when that money is totally spent. I am very much confused.

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Feb 17th, 2014

This is a bit confusing to me.

In court, he accused you of taking his money which he had put it in your name in the bank for safe keeping?

If this is the case, you can state in court by showing them the account statement that proves that you didn’t take anything from it.

As for his request that you use this money to spend on yourself and your child, he is only obliged to provide for his son and not for you as you are separated from him. If he wants you to use this money, he has to put it down in writing.

If he had made it a condition that you zero this account so that he would provide for his son, I would suggest that you withdraw all the money and put it in a new account without him knowing this so that you can show him the old account with nothing in it while keeping the new account for the future in case he claims that you had stolen his money.

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